Saturday, December 12, 2009

Glitterama swirls, edit**added 2 pics & details

 Early morning sun does not capture the sparkle of this mani. First picture is the best of the bunch. Click it to make it gigantic!
Hopefully, I can snatch a few minutes at work today to get some afternoon pics.
Anyway, this mani is for a holiday dinner I am attending with Jim on Monday.
I *really* hope it lasts through the weekend without too much damage or tipwear!

Base- China Glaze Millennium 1 coat
Overlay- Funky Fingers Wonderland- 3 coats
1 coat Seche
Konad plate- M63- the ever popular swirl pattern
Konad Special Polish Wine Red to stamp.
I *Love* how cool this mani turned out! It doesn't look like a stamped or decaled nail. It looks like a patterned foil. Konad Wine Red is a Jelly, so the base sparkle shows as flashy as the silver!
1 coat Seche

*edit...Sorry guys. In my zeal to get something up before I left for work, I forgot some details.
I double stamped the swirl image twice on my nails and then some. I still had 1/4" to fill at the tips of thumb, index, middle and ring. I also stamped the image horizontal on those nails as well...with the exception of my thumbs(not pictured). Those I stamped four times. They are so horrendously w i d e,  a horizontal stamp couldn't fill the space. My pinky is the only nail to which I could use the stamp longways also double stamped.

The Funky Fingers trio, Wonderland, Under Mistletoe and Yule Love It, were purchased for 3 @ $5.00 at my Five Below Store. The dry time was lightening fast! 
I'd bet a year's salary that these Funky Fingers are one and the same Color Club Wonderland set. The names are even the identical.



Trincess said...

gorgeous! I envy your stamping skills, so perfect and delicate =) <3

Anonymous said...

Very nice :)

Anonymous said...

Great colors - the foil look is awesome!  Did you use the stamp twice on each nail?  I love the way it made the pattern look!

thriszha said...

wow!! i love the way how u stamped it...awesome!!! ohhh i have a konad regular polish red wine...hmmm ill try to use it for stamping...ohh im really envy with ur funky finger polish...

WillaDodge said...

Wow!  This looks gorgeous!  I wish I could master Konad like this.

EvilAngel said...

Wow, gorgeous!
Did you have to double stamp to cover your nails? I have not yet tried double stamping.

Pinkginger said...


Amabile said...

Wow, you've got an awesome celebration on your nails!! Just amazingly good looking mani :-)

pwrlftrchick said...

This is GORGEOUS!!!!

and I LOVE Wine red!  I love thats it;s a jelly and the undercolor shows through!  makes for very interesting looks!

makeupgirl21 said...

This is really an amazing manicure.  I love the swirls and the different colors.  Does look like foil wrapping paper.