Thursday, December 3, 2009

Zoya, Orly haul

Last Thursday, I took advantage of Zoya's Green Friday offer, spend $20 and get a collection of 6 greens. My first experience with Zoya, I used Scrangie's swatches for picks...Yasmeen, Savita and Isla. I'm a purple lover, so Yasmeen and Savita were pretty much no-brainers, however, I waffled between Isla and Pinta.
(I should have ordered Pinta, because I have an almost exact dupe of Isla- Maybelline #505, Salon Expert Unforgettable Red.)
Aside from that, I'm really happy with this purchase. After some swatching on plastic, I'm loving  (sooo pretty) Yasmeen and (yellower than Orly Enchanted Forest) Envy!

For 2 weeks, I've been stalking my local Sally's for Orly's Metal Chic Collection... (Love at first sight, after seeing it swatched in Mary's Blog, Body & Soul ). I got lucky yesterday, and purchased all three-Solid Gold, Glam Rock and Iron Butterfly!


EvilAngel said...

I can't wait to see the Orly's on you!

thriszha said...

wow!! great haulz... i dont have any zoya polish but love to try looking forward to ur swatches specially with ur awesome designs... happy polishing.. :*

Lumin0us said...

Oh my! so many goodies! Swatches please!:Plol
Can't wait to see you turn those into masterpieces with your gorgeous designs!
I don't own any of those brands...well, i don't own any of the brands i drool over anyway!lol but i love zoya's color range. they are...vibrant!

Jessica said...

I got some polishes on the Green Friday sale too xP but mine haven't come yet, so I'm waiting. Did you pick the two day shipping? I just want an estimate of how much longer I have to wait.

Btw, I love the colors you ordered. I got Yasmeen too.

ainos2 said...

Hi Jessica :)
I placed my Zoya order before 2pm Thanksgiving, and it arrived Wednesday via UPS...and I did not choose 2 day shipping.

Yasmeen is just beyond gorgeous...In my eyes, it's the perfect purple!

ainos2 said...

My first time with Zoya, and I am *not* disappointed! I love that swatch pamphlets were included with the order. You don't see too many companies doing that these days.

I am absolutely going to order more Zoyas in the future- sale or not!!!

ainos2 said...

Thank you sweetie!
Do you not have Zoya because they're not available in your country?
Come to think of it, let me know if there is anything I can get/swap to send you. :)

ainos2 said...

Hey Andrea- you sooo need to get these Orly's.

Heather said...

I just picked up Glam Rock and it is the awesome! Can't wait to see what you do with your haul, you always show kick ass Konad!

makeupgirl21 said...

Nice haul.  Great polishes.  I already had all of the greens.  So I didn't buy anything.  Love those Orly's.

ainos2 said...

Thanks Heather!
My hauls usually go up on my rack, where I admire them for a month or two before I wear them.
Glam Rock never made it on the shelf...I put it on first thing the next morning and wore it all weekend- no nail art!
It's a *gorgeous* color ;)

ainos2 said...

Zoya's Green Friday was one *heck* of a sale. I can't wait to get more!
The Orly's are fantastic!