Thursday, December 2, 2010

Check this giveaway TIRNAKLAR FORA

Hi Kids!
Would you believe me if I told you that I've only entered 2 giveaways- ever?

I really, really love the giveaway that Dilek is hosting on her blog Tirnaklar Fora. I'm totally nuts about holos and brands I cannot get in the USA, and her giveaway is a marvelous collection of holos and a rainbow of colored bullion in the cutest little jars!
I love finding and following new blogs, and Dilek's Tirnaklar Fora is a lovely addition to my blog-roll. Yay!

I hope I did this correctly...This post will be my first blog link...crosses fingers.

Cl-icky link...

TIRNAKLAR FORA: 100.Post Giveaway: "Booty holografik ojeleri çok merak edildi.100.yazım için sizlere holografik ojelerden ve renkli tırnak süslerinden vermek istedim. Kurallar..."


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Tempera said...

Link worked just fine. She does some nice stamping and the polish looks cool.