Friday, December 10, 2010

Orly Winter Wonderland (over underwear)

Hi Kids!
I can't believe I almost didn't buy this polish...It's beyond gorgeous!
Go figure, although I love and gravitate to dark and bold lacquers, Orly Winter Wonderland easily takes the #1 spot in my top 20 list if layered over my choice of underwear, Avon Ballerina. 

I have been searching for a wearable polish in the white family forever, and I am beyond ecstatic that I found *the one* that looks good on me. I know this sound silly, but- I'm having a terrible time looking away from my nails long enough to type this post. My mind is twisted up in a tumble of stamping ideas for this glass flecked mani. (Jellies are going to look amazing stamped over this!)

Anyway...although my pictures are decent, the Macro setting sees the glass flecks in this polish as more grainey and lumpy than they really are. I think it's because the flecks have a silvered reflective coating and the setting sees this as opaque. In real life the glass flecks are more like a frosted sugar coating. Imagine the inside of a seashell but pulverized. I can't tell you how much I love this layered combo...neutral, soft and ethereal, sprinkled with bold.

I don't very much like my hands, or the fact that I have no other choice than to wear acrylics. With this mani, for the first time, ever, I'm not bothered by this. Winter Wonderland/Ballerina is magical for me...I feel like a Goddess.
I can't think of a single polish or layered combo that makes me feel this way.

1 coat Orly Winter Wonderland 
1 coat Avon Ballerina (soft, sheer, neutral pink jelly)
1 coat Seche
As far as formula is concerned, Avon Ballerina is amazingly streak free and super shiny at 1 coat, and is build-able to opaque in 3 coats. I recommend a thin first coat and each succeeding coat be applied thicker than the last. Brush was excellent!
The formula of Orly Winter Wonderland was goopy and thick. It's the type of polish that gets thicker the longer the brush is out of the bottle. Even after adding thinner, I had to be careful when wrapping my tips. As thin as I made it, by the time my nail was covered, the polish thickened too much on the brush to get a nice smooth tip. I had to re-dip the brush for the right consistency.


Redsalta said...

So beautiful!  I bought Winter Wonderland the other day and have not worn it yet (looks a little harsh by itself against my winter skin  *DONT_KNOW* ) but this combo warms it up beautifully.  Quick question, did you put WW on before or after Ballerina?

makeupgirl21 said...

This is a pretty combination.  I wasn't going to order Winter Wonderland but this is the second manicure I've liked with this on.  I've got to get that polish.

ainos2 said...

WW after Ballerina

Lalli Carvalho said...

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lilynail said...

<span>nice color !!</span>