Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ruby Pumps with gold holo sequin tips

Hi Kids!
'Tis the season for Bling!
 Yes...that's a Pizzelle I'm holding.
China Glaze Ruby Pumps and gold holo sequin tips. Second coat of Seche not quite dry as evidenced by lumpy pinky tip. I can't stand thick or lumpy tips, so I taped my mani off and removed Ruby pumps from the area...

I used a bit of Color Club Abracadabra (orange jelly with the sparkliest gold glitter ever) to fill in bald spots. I believe this was from a mini Halloween collection. I'd love to have a full sized bottle...soooo sparkley!

I used loose, large hex and small hex holo sequins and applied them with a dotting tool.

 Ruby Pumps


makeupgirl21 said...

<span>Now that's one fancy holiday manicure.  Love it.</span>

Lois S. said...

love this manicure! it's awesome!

nail crazy said...

wow, i'm shure we all love blling-bling...i do 8-)

Eileen said...

Wow, very pretty.  I also like the idea of red with the white tips...reminds me of Santa's hat.