Friday, December 24, 2010

Faux lace, layered fauxnad and Konad

Hi Kids!
It's a good thing I Love this 'nadded mani so much. This year, the restaurant is open on Xmas day and I'll be too busy to even *think* about a different mani.
Anyway, this 'nadded faux lace was inspired by the way cool nail skinz You've Got Nail posted the other day.
Since this is my Xmas mani, I took the inspiration further and added sparkle.

This turned out soooo pretty...please click on the pictures to see them as they should...

Mani is 3 coats Brucci Princess Di
1 coat Love My Nails Dazzling
Konad M57
Fauxnad plates; A05, H16, H41, P21, P48, T33
Essence plates- 2 rectangular (no #s)
9 plates total!
QingYu black for stamping
Crystal AB rhinestones
Hard Candy Break Up applied in random places
2 coats Seche

One more...

Merry Christmas!


L said...

love it

Beata said...

Totally looks like black lace.  Great layered manicure...I will have to copy this one soon.  Thanx for the inspiration!

cathryn said...

this is beautiful, LOVE it!!

Daria said...

WOW, this is just insane! So damn gorgeous. You're a master!

Jen said...

This is sooo pretty... I love the little bit of color/sparkle!

makeupgirl21 said...

<span>Pretty manicure.  Merry Christmas.</span>

danielle said...

This is CRAZY good!  Merry Christmas, from North Jersey.  :)

Michelle said...

Hi Lisa, have a Merry Christmas! (And as always your mani is superb!) :)

AnotherBottleOfPolish said...

This is amazing! Gorgeous!

Saori said...

Really well done & I love these littles points of colors !!