Thursday, July 22, 2010

Weirdness...true neon jelly?

Hi Kids!
I was in the mood for orange today, so I pulled down Ruby Kisses Neon in Orange U Jealous. Now, I don't usually post a straight-up NOTD unless there's something extra special about a particular polish.
Well...lemme tell you...this polish is weird, but in a very good way. I bought this orange along with a pink and a yellow last month. When I happened on the Ruby Kisses Neon display, which also included a blue, I had a feeling that they might be jellies. I only purchased them for frankening, but loved the new labels -which look very old school British, btw, I put them up on my rack, instead of in my frankening drawer. I paid $1.99 each for these, $.50 more than the permanent line Ruby Kisses.

Anyway, moving along here.... With the first stroke of lacquer on my nail, I was pleasantly surprised with not only the wonderful brush that loaded and splayed out so perfectly, but with the formula and pigmentation as well! This polish has a rubbery or vinyl consistency that's a little on the thick side, but not thick enough to warrant the addition of thinner. It's the thickish, rubbery formula that makes this polish my absolute favorite among all the neons I have. The lacquer stays in the brush until it's placed on the nail. The leveling properties in this polish is superb! Because I have wide, long nails, I have a terrible problem with over-brushing, always resulting with terrible vertical ridges, brush ridges, streaking and missed spots. I did not have a problem with any of those things. When I over-brushed, the polish leveled out like magic! This polish gets even better with pigmentation- it's a 2 coater! Any uneveness I experienced was taken care of when I lightly overbrushed the area on the first coat. Second coat just intensified the color and filled in the gaps. And the finish? Definitely not matte as most neons are...this is a jelly and dried to a gloss!
Ruby Kisses Orange U Jealous is about as perfect as a neon could get.
All bumps in my pictures are from not removing ChG Stroll completely from my nails.
No top-coat yet either!

I want to go get more bottles of these RK Neons. I want to play with adding glitter to them!


ange-marie said...

oh my god. neeeeeed this

makeupgirl21 said...

That's a gorgeous in your face polish.  Looks fantastic on you.  I've never heard of this brand.  Where did you buy it?  I usually don't wear oranges much.  Mainly Halloween is when I pull out these shades.  Really like this shade.

EvilAngel said...

That is just wicked! Love it, I need a pink like that!

Arrianne said...

This is awesome!