Monday, July 5, 2010


Hey Kids!
Thank you all for commenting on my Fireworks mani!  For all the glitter/sequins on it, it was surprisingly easy to remove. I've had 2 FOTDs since that mani, and am here to post them for you.
Both are relatively simple, using just one image. I hope this doesn't disappoint too many Readers. I'm not happy with the shape of my nails after I did my last fill.... So, instead of working on a layered mani, I'll be spending the rest of my evening off tweaking my nail shape.

Full sun


If you want to get a good look at the holographic sparkle of the charcoal stars, click the following picture- Taken under fluorescent lights in the restaurant's kitchen.


**Base color is an un-named, un-numbered PA Pro polish. The formula pretty much sucked...even after adding a lot of thinner to it - twice- it still applied like it was elastic...weird. I love the color though, an awesome red purple with red and blue shimmer.
**Fauxnad plate A12, double, triple stamped
**Konad Princess Polish White Pearl
**Holographic stars- from DS- they came in a multi nail art pack that included 2 glitters and fimo slices.
**4(!!!!) coats Seche- star "points" still caught on everything, scratched my lip too.
While I really loved this mani- the points of the stars drove me nutz.

Yuck- look at how dry my hands are in these pictures. This is pretty much the norm for me during the summer. It comes from handling money and frequent hand washing. By the time my week ends on Sunday, my hands look this bad. The mani is sure pretty, though. Tangerine and bright rose are so yummy together!

Setting Sun

**Base color- 3 coats Orly Life's A Peach. Love this pretty tangerine polish with its soft raspberry shimmer.
**Fauxnad plate  A05
**Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Speedy Sunburst
**1 coat Love My Nails Dazzling
**1 coat Seche


EvilAngel said...

Those are both gorgeousness! Now do mine! :-D

L said...


Nicole said...

Oh, I love both of these! I put those little star stickers on for the 4th and they got caught on EVERYTHING. They sure are pretty, but hazardous, haha!

Skulda said...

I really like the purple one!!

thriszha said...

both are fabulous!!! will u do this on my nails... :*

Susie said...

Wow, they are both super. :)  Loving them.

Just a reminder to enter my newest giveaway.

Saori said...

<span>Well I am not a big fan of the orange mani (to be honnest) but the first, the purple, I love it ............; 8-)  A lot of stars on nails of the stamping star hi hi hi </span>

Heather said...

Both of these are fantastic! Love the stars on the first one. Sorry the PA polish was such a bish, it's certainly a beautiful color.
I love, love orange so the second is completely up my alley. Loving the sparkles!

ange-marie said...

i freakin love the orange mani! it is so summer!

Laynie said...

OMG, the fireworks mani was amazing, but the orange is just DELECTABLE!!! It almost looks edible, like I want a dessert that tastes as good as that looks. Something summery and fruity...

Absolutely gorgeous, lady!

makeupgirl21 said...

I don't care how many things you stamp or paint! All your manicures are outstanding!!! Your so talented and artistic.  God bless you.

Arrianne said...

The last one is so yummy looking!

Raquel Castro said...

I love both!!! :D

Polish Hoarder said...

Your stamping is seriously amazing! Both of your manicures are gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

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