Monday, July 12, 2010

If I could only have 1 polish...& swap pictures

It would be, hands down,  Maybelline Vanishing Venus.
You read that right, Kids- I'd choose an old Maybelline.
I've always loved the leaf colors of the ornamental plum trees growing in my yard, so it's no wonder I would love Vanishing Venus...the colors are very similar!
I took a lot of pictures..mani is almost 4 days old, dings, scratches and tip-wear ahead.

Click to view awesome shimmer!

A while back, Thriszha from FAB UR NAILS and I set up a couple of swaps. The following pictures are swap #2...Sadly, I forgot to take pictures of swap #1.

I had to wait almost a week to pick up my package from the Post office. I barely had time to sleep this week for all the extra hours my boss threw on me. I asked for a week off, and he decided to "use me up" as much as he could before my time off starts. I also did not get 7 consecutive days. I'm off Mon-Fri, have to go back to work Sat & Sun, then finish my vacation Monday & Tuesday.

So, yea, I worked all week, fretting the whole time about my swap polishes sitting in the post office. I finally picked my package up today (day #1 of my vacation) and tore into it the minute I got in my car...
Look at the pretties Thriszha sent me!!!!!!
Etude House and Elianto stunners!!!!!!

Thank you so much Sweetie- I LOVE all of them!!!!


Starlight said...

Vanishing Venus is plum-licious! Such pretty little bottles!

thriszha said...

yay!! :-D  i am so glad u like the polishes.. I am looking forward on what fabulous nail art u would come up with those polishes...I emailed u and ask u if u got the package but Im not sure u got my email or it went to the spam folder of ur mail..LOL!!!
I am so happy and love love all the polishes u sent for me...

Jackie S. said...

I am so UBER jealous of your Vanishng Venus polish, it is so pretty! Great pics, thanks!

Ashley Anderson said...

I love how VV looks! I wish I could find it somewhere other than evilBay!

Heather said...

Last time I went to Dollar Tree, I had hope of finding it. I don't know why but I did. I love this color on you. It's gorgeous.

makeupgirl21 said...

Beautiful shade on you.  I just checked to see if I owned this one.  I picked up quite a few Maybelline's at the Dollar Store.  No luck! Darn!!! That is a gorgeous shade.  Anything you know of that looks similar? You received some beautiful polishes in your swap.