Friday, July 16, 2010

Colors better irl

Hi Kids!
I'm back with my marriage license/bridal nails. They don't look like much in my pictures, but I assure you, they look lovely irl. It's times like this when I really wish I knew more about photography and my camera's settings, because the Purple Picture Eater stole my colors!!!
Aside from some off white floral and dot stickers and medium lime colored fauxnad leaves, everything else on my nails (a trio of small purple fauxnad flowers, purple floral stones and purple sequins) are all a similar shade of purple. You wouldn't know it by my pictures, The stones look blue and the sequins look pinkish, and because of that, I did not want to make this post.

I'm not wrong when I say most Followers are interested in eye candy not text. I can't *stand* putting up a mani that looks sub par, but feel I can't blow this one off...~sigh~

Anyway, Jim and I have our marriage license, and Monday we go back to Elkton to get married. I already started practicing "half of yours' is mine" by grabbing half the cash in Jim's wallet!

The green I used to stamp the stylized leaves is the wrong shade as well  :(  It's a warm mid lime green, not a pastel mint.
Both the green and purple I used for stamping are frankens. Aside from a handful of SH Insta-Dri polishes, all my stamping polishes are now frankens.
Fauxnad plates- A04, H28, T33


Ashley Anderson said...

Beautiful mani!

Skulda said...


Laynie said...

Awww, congratulations!! As a wedding gift, could I fix the colors in your pics so they match, and are more accurate? I know how it feels to have something like that happen, and believe me, it's not because you don't know your camera.

Even professional photographers have that problem. Digital cameras don't like purple, they just don't. So I'd love to fix your pics so that the colors are all matching, like they are in RL.

thriszha said...

congratz sweety!! this mani is ama :* zing and i am really impress!! 

Shiny! said...

Grats! And I laughed at the cash, you go girl! :)
I absolutely love this mani, it's gorgeous!

Freshie said...

So Beautiful and congratulations! :-D

choco.muffin said...

Wow, this mani is absolutely gorgeous! :)
Congratulations on your marriage!!

Line C said...

You don't do manis, you do art!!! 
Too bad your pictures don't show colors right, but it still looks amazing, and I can picture in my head how you describe it ;)
Best of luck on getting married, how exciting!!

makeupgirl21 said...

This is a lovely manicure.  Just perfect for your nuptials.  Many blessings on your 2nd time around marriage.