Monday, April 19, 2010

RIP Peter Steele

Hi Kids!
This whole not feeling well is driving me nutz!
Making everything worse, this past weekend, Peter Steele from Type O Negative passed away. ToN , along with Alien Sex Fiend are the 2 bands I listen to on my way to work every day. Both of these bands are the best at dark, dramatic, sarcastic, funny, cheezey, tongue-in-cheek music.
Saturday morning, I walked into the restaurant with tears in my eyes, a lump in my throat, and an all day pass to the Loo.

My mani of the weekend was Orly, Iron Butterfly. On Saturday evening, I tried and failed at a ToN tribute mani. I had hope to re-create the thorned canes on the cover of October Rust, but did not have a brush fine enough to freehand the thorns. Not that I could see my nails through the tears anyway...pathetic?....not really...

 I am an excruciatingly intense soul, wound up tight and internal. For all this internal drama, ToN has always been a welcome relief and release from seriousness.
And on the 28th day, you sing, and I can laugh!

143 Peter Steele~ RIP


nihrida said...

I used to listen to them all the time when my depression started. They have a special place in my heart. RIP Peter...

Skulda said...

I did a ToN mani but my photoshop is pooped.  I hope to post it soon.

Arrianne said...

I listen to TON everyday too. They really are an amazing band. Not pathetic at all.