Monday, April 26, 2010

Hi Kids!
I'm feeling very emotional and mushy today, and because I have a fierce and hardcore image to maintain, I'm going to blame it on the weather...dreary days, rain, & thunderstorms.

Anyway, for Readers who have not been with me for long...I don't have much of a "life" outside of my job. I'm a restaurant manager, working for a Greek who, in a nut-shell, cannot do anything by himself. His name is George, and he "leans" on me hard- for everything. To give you an example- When his wife is away on vacation with their kids, I have to call his house to wake him up for work. He knows nothing in regards to an alarm clock- how to turn it on, how to set it, how to snooze, how to turn it off. He's a "mamma's boy" who delegates everything that makes him impatient, and things he doesn't want to learn or deal with. Aside from his wife, I am the only one he trusts to get a job done and to make him look good.

I used to have a great life that included my own corset business, friends, clubbing, concerts, shopping and traveling. I've had none of that life for the last 4 years. I am married to my job, and it sucks. I'm not trying to whine and complain...these are just the facts, and it is what it is. Ideally, I'd rather be working at a job that makes me happy...something that allows for creativity and pays well. Sadly, New Jersey does not have much to offer job-wise for someone like me.

Having said all that, as pathetic as it sounds, this little Blog, and loose-knit community of nail polish lovers means the world to me. Honestly, I feel as though I've been in a vast ocean, no horizon in sight, and coming upon a buoy to hang on to.
This Blog is for me...I'm not looking for anything but to have a place for creativity and LOOK!- 297 souls are interested in what I do next! AMAZING!
Thank you ALL for keeping me company!!!

Now that I have that off my chest...although there is no art to show today, I can at least show you what I've had on my nails since Saturday. Savvy (Femme Couture), French Cafe. I would never have worn a nude a year ago, however, since Blogging, my color world has expanded beyond blacks, greys and vampies.
Thank you Girls!
I absolutely LOVE wearing nudes...especially after sporting a series of layered, multi-color manis.
Anyway, this is 3 coats. After the first coat I added polish thinner and some Wet N Wild topcoat because the formula on this one was stickey and gluey. It helped bunches!
I got that pretty ding on my index from opening a creamer for my coffee at work.
With flash-


Oh, I almost forgot!
I have 25 new fauxnad plates coming from Chez-delaney and another 21 fauxnad plates from an Ebay seller.
I am also expecting my first BB Couture polishes from Overall Beauty in addition to my second order with Zoya!


pwrlftrchick said...

Girl we love and adore you!
Everytime I see a post of yours pop up on my list i get all excited!  You are seriously the most talented, most creative polish blogger ever!  you should have 10 times that many followers!

cant wait to see what all you get from chez-delaney and ebay!!!
hope your feeling better!

babbling brooke said...

I'm glad that your blog gives your something to look forward to.  I feel the same way about mine, and it is so nice knowing that people enjoy reading.  I love following your blog and coming by to see your beautiful polishes and awesome designs!  I'm more of a creative, free-spirit type and it can be hard to do that and still get a paycheck.  Having a blog is a nice way to utilize that creativity and those unique abilities, and Im glad you showcase your designs here.  (heart)  I know you have to keep up the tough exterior, but I like seeing the mushy side too ;)  and yeah, it probably is due in part to this dumpy weather.  I wish it would stop raining and just be beautiful and sunny!

lisa said...

With a job like that, I hope you get a salary that matches and even things out?

I must say that the "nail part" of the beauty-blogger world seems a lot nicer and more close-knit than the rest. It's not so much attitude and drama, and it feels more grown-up.

Romika said...

Hee sweetie......I know what you are feeling.....hope the sun will shine real soon for you!'
I love you and your blog so much. I think it's a an oppertunaty to have a blog in which you can be creative and write down what's on your mind. We all support you, I'sure of this!
Take care sweetie, I'll be thinking of you.
Very HUGE BIG HUG!!!!!!!!!!!

Jen said...

Oo, what BB did you order? I just love that company! Kim at Overall Beauty is the best!

Skulda said...

Bleh.  I work for a greek is is just like that.  Except he rude about it in a "I'm going to ignore you until I need you to wipe my ass" type of way.  Extremely ungrateful too.  Can't wait to quit.  UGGHHHH...
I think you need to try and let your boss know that you are feeling the pinch and that you need to back away a bit and that he should be dealing with his personal life, not you.  You work for his business, not his household. <3

Rhea said...

I really do look forward to what you will come up with next, each mani seems better than the previous, you are so talented!

EvilAngel said...

I can't wait to see your new plates and you are going to LOOOOOOVVEEE your BB Coutures!

You know I love you Lisa! I was so excited when I found your blog....Oh look another over 25 year old punk chick with badass nails and an obsession for nail polish! Yeah it was love at first sight! :*

Now if I could just get you back to having time to make those killer corsets...I so desperatly want one!

thriszha said...

hey Lisa u know ur so special to me I love all ur creations and u really rock the nail art world!!! Im looking forward for ur new funky fauxnadicure using ur new plates!!u take care always!!!

pwrlftrchick said...

put me in for an order!
Evil, I think we need to make it out mission to find this girl a better job!

Heather said...

I understand how you feel. I feel like I live at work. But, I can say that I love my job and I'm very fortunate to have most of my besties working there with me.
However, if I was in NJ...I would totally be hanging out at your house all the time! Since I'm not, this is the best I can do.
You are amazing Lisa and I'm so glad to have met you. GIANT HUGS!!!

makeupgirl21 said...

Stinks when you need to work at a job that doesn't fufill you.  The one job I loved was working at a library and I had to quit to work at the Post Office because of the money and benefits.  Thank God for them since I had to retire on disability 6 years ago.  So it did work out but it broke my heart to leave the library.  I'm so happy for these blogs since I love polish and enjoy all of your nail art.  Your amazing with what you do.  All those new plates should be amazing.  You should get back to your corset making.  I remember reading your first post about making them.  The weather affects me also.  I need the sun shinning to feel better.  The sun will be out again thankfully!

Arrianne said...

Wow, what a little pussy your boss is. I can't believe he makes you call him to wake him up when his wife's not there.

Can't wait to see that huge fauxnad haul and the BBs!