Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Petites Color Fever, Fairy Pink- a gossamer holo!

Hi Kids!
I'm back with an actual mani w/fauxnad, albeit a very simple one...one of my "quickies". My original idea for this mani included some layering over the full image stamp I used. Changed my mind, because this color is total  awesome-ness, and it would have been a crime to cover it up.

I hauled a bunch of  Petites Color Fever about a month ago, swatched them on fake nails and immediately ran back to the DS for a back-up of Fairy Pink and Black Diamond. Both are scattered holos and totally unique. Anyway, I had some buyers remorse with this haul and 2-3 other DS hauls in that same week. I'm always shocked at checkout...DS polishes are not cheap anymore!!! I think I spent well over $200 on polish that week, plus my prescriptions, car insurance, and a couple of other bills. Sent me to the Poorhouse as you all know! I have absolutely no discipline when it comes to spending money...but it's all good now! My bank account is back in black, mailing out my Giveaway hauls are back on schedule.
(At the end of this post, is a pic of my Petites haul...Black Diamond has been decanted into an old Maybelline bottle.)

Finally, on to Petites Color Fever, Fairy Pink. When I look at this color, the first description that comes to mind is- gossamer holo...and it fits so perfectly... I don't think I need to go on and on, except to say that this polish is oh so pretty, and you need to get it.  You'll have to click these pictures to make them larger and to see the pretty scattered holo and red flash.

Please excuse the cuticle wounds...I have yet to learn how to sand my nails without being so aggressive.
Anyway, this mani is 3 coats Petites Color Fever, Fairy Pink.
Fauxnad plate- H23
Stamped with Sally Hansen, Aqua Chrome
Nail jewel decals double stacked on tips. (can't remember the brand)
1 coat Seche


L said...

What kindn of nail filen you using? Pretty mani btw

Tiana said...

Oww, I like it a lot! Like the richstones too :D Nice work <3

ainos2 said...

Thanks L!
I'm using a curved 100/180 file from Sally's. I love filing/sanding/shaping my nails by hand, however, I have issues with getting my cuticle area tapered like I want.  I need to invest in a nail drill with a bit for the cuticle area. Do you have one? If so do you have a reccomendation for something under $250.?

BTW...I asked you recently how long it takes for you to apply a full set, and I was shocked! You're really quick, cause it takes me 2 hours to fill both hands...and even then, I go back and touch up areas I'm not happy with.

Now that I'm comitted to doing my own nails, I have to look into getting a better brush and better product. I'm currently using the Aspire System from Sally's. I did not want to invest money if I did not think I could/want to do my own. I'm happy to say- I am getting better at my application and love my results and the money I am saving.

thriszha said...

i love it..its simply gorgeous!!

Ayuu said...

<span>Wow, that's gorgeous ! I love the polish and also the cute stickers you put on it ^^

Jen said...

Stunningly pretty. =-O

syl said...

Beautiful colour! Love the mani too!

Starlight said...

Another gorgeous mani! I clicked to make it big,and OMG!

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