Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Quirius, Cruiser

Hi Kids!
As you can see, this ain't no Milani holo, or the pink I thought I'd use next. The weather forecast said dreary and rainy on Tuesday...definitely not a good day for holos. And the pink?...well... my appetite changed after seeing Sasha's post HERE with BB Couture, Zuma Wave Rider. That's a Baby Blue I can get into!

The 3 baby blues I have in my collection are; Claire's pastel blue, Quirius, Cruiser & Maybelline, Pie In The Sky. Out of the 3, I'd say Pie In The Sky comes closest to Zuma Wave Runner. Since that one has been swatched to death, I tried Claire's pastel blue, and immediately gave up due to the brush size. So, I went with Quirius, Cruiser, and what a nightmare! Before I say anything else about this polish...I am not a creme fan!
I don't apply them well, nor do I think they look nice on my nails. I think they look fabulous on everyone else, but on me, cremes tend to look ...um...flat and one dimensional. I dunno, perhaps my dislike for cremes stems from the fact that I grew up in the age of frosts, and that is why I prefer shimmers.

Anyway! Quirius, Cruiser is a pretty creme, however, it is definitely super-streak-city for me. I did not add thinner to this...my instincts tell me that this polish would benefit from the addition of thinner and a bit of clear, and a decant into a bottle with a better brush. (This polish doesn't "level" well, and thinner is not enough, therefore my reasoning for the addition of a clear) I've decanted one of my Quirius polishes, Paris Night(?) into one of the new Sally Hansen Complete Salon bottles, and it did  wonders for application.

This mani is 3 coats and done 1 hour before I went to bed. Drying time was great! I love the color of this polish, and I *really* wanted this lacquer to redeem itself, so I did not apply Seche. Upon waking this morning, I had NO sheet-marks and miraculously a lot- but not all of the streaks disappeared with curing overnight.

What do you think of this color on me?

Bottle comparisons

I believe that with a brush like this, even the best formulated polish would have streak issues;


ange-marie said...

oooooooooh! what a pretty color color-wise though! mmmmmm. I am definitely on a blue kick right now

Jen said...

Well, it looks like it applied like a dream! I'm very keen on pretty pastels at the moment but there really isn't anything I don't like as I seem to have just about everything or am trying hard to plug any gaps!

~Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard said...

I can see why you found it a challenge to apply. What a wimp of a brush! It's a pretty blue though! Hope your day isn't TOO dreary and that you find some rays of sunlight to bask in somewhere in your day.

EvilAngel said...

I think it is gorgeous on you!
I have decanted so many polishes due to a craptastic brush.lol

ainos2 said...

Thanks Andrea!

I think that all polish companies that want to "make it" should concentrate on formula and brush.

ainos2 said...

Thanks Elizabeth!
I'm planning on adding sunshine to my day with some layered stamping. I'm thinking Hawaiian shirt print.

ainos2 said...

Thanks Jen! I'm thinking I'll like this a whole lot better on me with some layered stamping.

ainos2 said...

It *is* pretty! I'm seeing a lot of blues come up on my dashboard today.

PwrLftrChick said...

i LOVE it!

I've been on a pastel kick lately so these blues are calling my name!

nihrida said...

LOVE this color. And I think it also looks damn good on you!

Heather said...

This is a glorious color and it looks fantastic on you. Can't wait until their website is back and running. I've been lemming this brand for so long! Good to know that decanting into a bottle with a better brush can help.

makeupgirl21 said...

Beautiful shade of blue on you.  I love all types of polish.  I never have any empty polish bottle to decant anything.  The only polish I've used up were two bottle of Seche Vite!