Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Zoya Yasmeen & tip art-Fauxnad & 101 Followers!

 I'm afraid this mani looks much nicer, colors blending and matching better irl. While my camera got Yasmeen color correct, it totally missed the mark on the gold glitter overly tips matching the gold fauxnad stamp :(
I wonder if this would have looked better without my camera set to macro. Battery is dead now, so I can't experiment.

I started off this mani with Zoya Yasmeen.
Orly tip guides
Overlay in Orly fantasea, topped with Nicka K Cosmetics, Mardi Gras(gold glitter, clear base)
Fauxnad plates- H3, P16 & P21
Stamping polishes- Konad Special P- the blue shimmer, CG, 2030, CG, Metallic Muse
1 coat SV

I like how this mani looks irl- not so much in pictures. The Konad SP blue shimmer looks great under CG Metallic Muse flowers, adding depth to the art as well as bringing out the blue tones in Yasmeen. The gold glitter and CG  2030 work so well together you hardly see the demarcation of the tip line. This may be one instance where a macro is not the best setting.

I can hardly believe it...I don't post swatches of new collections, nor do I post the most popular colors, and I haven't had a single Giveaway. I know that my  Blog will never be the most popular on the block, given the fact that my writing style fails miserably(bores *me* to tears),  haphazard posting,  and  manicure/art choices based on the whims and fancies of a girl who dances to the beat of a different drummer, having 101 Followers means the world to me!!!

For whatever reason you follow my Blog, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!
I have installed JS-Kit Widget so I can have personal dialog with you, so don't be shy about replying. I have a very "tough skin" (exception being my acrylics)- say what you want, good and bad. Trust me, I will find a "wth?" comment hilarious~ I know how to laugh at myself!

There will be a 101 Followers with a Giveaway...so stay tuned!!!


Trincess said...

Gorgeous color combination, so creative =) I love it =))) You always inspire me to grow my nails longer and longer! =DDD Congrats on 101 followers!!!

ainos2 said...

Thank you Deniz!
It was a toss-up between sponginging on a Nail Prism or this.
I love long nails for nail art- more space to put stuff on!

Michèle said...

Wow, think I just fell in love with Yasmeen!

ainos2 said...

<span>Yasmeen is a gorgous color- and...opacity in only 2 coats!</span>

Meli said...

You are very creative!

nihrida said...

Yasmeen looks great on you, but I don't really dig this mani. You did a great job with the composition but the colors...To much of them for my taste. =) You deserve more followers, you know. And maybe you do bore yourself, but not me. =D

Thess said...

Wauw! That's stunning! =-O
Love it, good job! *thumbs up! What? 2 Thumps up!

iceomaticsnails (Liz) said...

Why do I follow your blog??  Because of beautiful art like this!!  I love your nails and LOVE that you are unique.  Also, you are NOT boring!!  

Congrats on 101   (now 102)   :)  followers!!  

ainos2 said...

Thank you Meli!

ainos2 said...

Heh...It's a good thing I held back on adding more to this!
Thank you Sasha for always being so sweet to me.

ainos2 said...

Thank you Thess!

ainos2 said...

Coming from you Liz, Queen of Freehand, this means a lot! Thank you!

EvilAngel said...

Lisa I follow your blog because you are amazing, your nails rock and I dance to the beat of a one armed drummer with a broken hearing aid! :-D
P.S. You are about as boring as stage diving into a mosh pit! ((hugs))

ainos2 said...

Hahaha! Thanks Andrea...now you have me wanting to go slam-dancing! Never liked the violence of a Pit, but slam-dancing totally rocks! Those were the days~

EvilAngel said...

Ahhhh.....Someone who remembers it being called slam dancing! I don't feel so alone now! I guess us old school punk chicks have to stick together! lol

Heather said...

Hey, I heart you. You are awesome and I think you're writing is fine. Mine is def boring. I vacillitate between being "me" and "me having to write something professional." Trust me, my work emails and school papers are ridiculously dull. Bleargh.

That said, you knocked my socks off again. If the pictures do not do this mani any justice than I cannot begin to realize how stunning it truly is. GORGEOUS!!

I will always folow you!

ainos2 said...

Thank you Heather!
Your writing isn't boring at all...it's warm, friendly, down-to-earth. I envy those that write well. Being a voracious reader, you would think I'd pick-up a few things.

pwrlftrchick said...

i wrote a comment to this post the other day and got pulled away before i hit post, so i'm back to do it right!

First of all that mani is AMAZING!  if it's better in person, then i am glad it didn't show right in pics, cause if i saw a true representation i might just pass out from the awesomeness!

u are so darn creative!  the color combos ROCK!

And Woman, listen here!  you hard core ROCK and that is why u have so many followers, though you deserve many many more!

ainos2 said...

Thank you dear! Sometimes, half of what I write disappears before I notice anthing is wrong. Frustrating!...JS kit doesn't like me I think.