Thursday, January 21, 2010

Orly Dazzle, fauxnad shipping, swap!

Hey Kids!
I *knew* I was forgetting something in my last post- Konad vs Fauxnad...
It's in regards to shipping from the vendor I purchased my first batch of fauxnad plates from;
I was going over the invoice for the 8 plates I just ordered and remembered how lucky I was to receive the first set a few months ago. "Lucky" because the box my plates came across the sea without a return address- anywhere-. Nothing outside or inside the box...I received a box of plates with my name and address- no paper invoice- nothing! That was certainly a gamble I didn't know I was taking at the time. I'm anxious to see if this practice from the vendor has changed... I'll keep you posted on that issue.
On to the good stuff!

Orly Dazzle... pre-clean-up, waiting patiently for some skull and roses stamping. Click for ginormous view. The "warmth" you see at the tips is a reflection of the rust color sweater I am wearing.

The other day, I received a package from Andrea of Black nail polish and lipgloss. I've had a serious lemming for the Hot Topic faunad plate she uses. The one with the skull and crossbones, and hollowed out large stars. When she offered to send me her spare plate- I was game for a swap!

I wanted to be angry at her for sending me sooo many extras, but I <3 everything so much, how could I? My dh put it all away for me, so I have no pictures...4 nail polishes in colors I love...BPAL Malediction being my favorite... black, my go to color. She also included 3 Mineral eyeshadows- Heartless Queen, Sasha's Heart and a 2010 LE color from her company, Evil Shades Cosmetics! I'm a Minerals convert, and have been lusting after that red eyeshadow, Heartless Queen ever since I laid eyes on it! I LOVE red eyeshadow with my light green eyes! Definitely going to include an EOTD when I post my skull and roses mani tomorrow!
Thank you so much Andrea!


Heather said...

How cool for you! Can't wait to see the skull and roses mani.
I am super excited to see your eye looks. I know they will be the amaze because you're awsome.

Loving Dazzle. It's going on my Orly wishlist!

nihrida said...

Ooooooh! You already had my heart, but now you have it in minerals as well. =) Andrea is such a kind and talented person.
If I may say: That silver polish Orly Dazzle looks magnificent on you! *drools*

EvilAngel said...

You are so very welcome Lisa!
I love Orly Dazzle, it's my favorite silver metallic! I can't wait to see your fauxnad!

Brooke said...

I just placed an order for several of these plates.  I saw them awhile ago and just never got around to ordering them.  I can't wait for them to get here now.

Michèle said...

Orly Dazzle looks great! And so streakless too :)

gildedangel said...

That color is gorgeous! I can't wait to see what you do with that plate!

ainos2 said...

I feel very special getting a piece of your Heart!
Andrea is all that and more! She's my desktop centerfold!

I'm not sure if I like Orly Dazzle with my skin-tone. I think the reflection of the warm tones from my sweater makes it look better on me in the posted pictures than irl.

ainos2 said...

This plate is freaking awesome Andrea!...The musical notes have skuuuuuullzzz!!! Why in the world did HT discontinue these?
I can't thank you enough for everything!!!

ainos2 said...

Thanks Michele. In a wild moment of too much lacquer on the brush, my middle nail sports one very annoying streak -dead center. :(

ainos2 said...

Thank you Miss! My plan is to use this Alexander Henry print for inspiration.

ainos2 said...

Oooooo! Are the plates from chez-delaney?
There is a German vendor that has some very cool fauxnad plates that I'm dying to get.

ainos2 said...

O.m.g! Js-kit hates me. I've replied to your comment 3 times and it keeps disappearing!

I know how much you like Orly. You so need to get Dazzle...I think it would look, well, dazzling on you!

My inspiration for my mani- Alexander Henry print

Brooke said...

Yes, Chez Delaney is where I got them from.  Can't wait to get them and start stamping like mad!!

EvilAngel said...

The skull music notes are my favorite!
Hot topic is stupid and they need to be slapped!