Friday, January 22, 2010

Skulls, roses and barbed wire fauxnad

Inspiration was this Alexander Henry print;

Hey kids! As promised, a mani using the Hot Topic plate I received from Andrea. This is going to be really fast, as I'm in a hurry this afternoon!
I was hoping to get an EOTD wearing Evil Shades Cosmetics Heartless Queen , but there's no way- I don't want to be too late for work.
Anyway mani specs;
3 coats Orly Dazzle
Hot Topic fauxnad skull from Andrea of Black Nail Polish and Lipgloss
fauxnad plates H17, H25 & P57 purchased from HERE
stamped with- Claire's Matte Green, Konad Special polishes in black and red
1 coat Seche

I'm not sure if I like all this stamping over Orly Dazzle. I think it's just too "busy" to be over a busy/flashey silver. I would have loved this over a black background, like my inspiration A.E. print, however, red never shows up on black. Maybe a beige base would have been better? At any rate, I *love* this Hot Topic plate!
Thank you Andrea!!!


nihrida said...

I love it! It doesn't matter it's over silver instead of black.
P.S.: Love the Sad Lisa song...hope you aren't sad though. :*

gildedangel said...

That looks so cool! I love it!

painted Lady fingers said...

How perfect! All of the elements you put together combine strikingly. The metallic background works well. Skulls and metal go together. ;)  

EvilAngel said...

That is one hot design!
You are very welcome! ;)

Brooke said...

Wonderful!!  This looks amazing, I love the colors and layering you did on this.

April and Ashley said...

I love it!

Michèle said...

So bad ass! <3

dangergirl said...

I love this! Can you please tell me where you got this plate? I haven't seen any fauxnad plates that are round. I've only seen the octogon shaped ones. Thanks!

Romika said...

Wauw thats awesome! I like it very much! Just have to try this.

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