Saturday, January 2, 2010

Small DS haul

I wanted to do the Random Tag and a new mani, but I am sick with a very bad head-cold. Anyway, I went to the drugstore for some cold meds and picked up these~
(My Franken is pictured next to SH Grape Going-which some are saying is a Scrangie dupe)
Btw, I used only pigments in my Franken-( which obviously needs more work)

Center front- Rimmel #331 Speed Dating
L to R;
Franken, Grape Going! Snappy Sorbet, Speedy Sunburst, Mint Sprint.


EvilAngel said...

I need speed dating and your franken is pretty dupe or not!

Mary said...

Those Sally Hansen's are so pretty! I need to get out and hunt them down. Hope you feel better soon!

S said...

oh, the red, orange and minty sally hansen's look so pretty. I really like those Insta-Dri ones

nihrida said...

I love your haul (all of them except the orange polish)! You did a great job with that franken, it looks a lot like Scrangie IMO.
Hope you get better soon. We have some illness in our family too...all taking pills against headache.
I'm sending you a virtual cup of yasmine flavored tea! And a lot of kisses and hugs! :*

painted Lady fingers said...

I hope you heal up quickly. An assortment of pretty polishes is certainly good for the immune system. ;)

ainos2 said...

Thanks Mary!
I *love* these new SHs!!! I am hoping they work as well for Konading/stamping as the first batch of Insta Dri.

ainos2 said...

Thank you Andrea!
I picked up the Rimmel on clearance at Walgreens- $2.19! It is a stunning color...almost vivid rose softened with subtle shimmer, with a sprinkle of silver mica.
The only photo on nailgal does not do it justice. ln fact- that pic doesn't look much like Speed Dating at all!

ainos2 said...

These new SHs are very "fresh" looking. I hope they stamp as well as the first batch does.

ainos2 said...

Thank you dear!
You don't like oranges? My picture shows Snappy Sorbet much brighter than it truly is. I'd say that it's paler than the color of cooked shrimp irl. Very pretty.

Yasmine tea sounds wonderful about now.
I hope we all get better soon!

ainos2 said...

Thank you for the get well wishes Diana!
The new Sally Hansen display reminded me of the beautiful colors in The Thompson & Morgan Seed Catalog.

Thess said...

Hope you feel beter soon!
And I wished our drogstore sold such nice polishes... *sigh..