Monday, December 6, 2010

Lilac foil

Hi kids!
After the trouble I had removing my layered mani from a few days ago, it's going to be a very long time before I wear glitter and flakies together!
Removal was a time consuming, 3 step process; 1.) non-acetone remover to dissolve Seche top coat, 2.) nail drill to grind off glitter, flakie and crackle polish, 3.) and non-acetone remover to dissolve the Milani polish.

So, after all that work, I wanted to wear an easy to apply, quick dry, 2 coat polish, and being in the mood for something in the purple family, I chose S-he Stylezone #436, a pretty lilac foil. I think this polish makes my nails look elegant, and is the very type of mani I could wear for days if I had to.


nihrida said...

Not my type of polish, but it looks great on you.

Jen said...

Gorgeous mani!!

Lalica said...

<p>Great polish <img></img>
</p><p>And why dont you use foil method when you want to take off glitter or flakie polishes? I love glitter polishes and i hate to take them off, but when i discovered foil method i dont have any problems to take them off. 

makeupgirl21 said...

I just adore foils.  Sounds like you went through hell taking off that polish! Looked gorgeous anyway.  This is an elegant polish.  Love the color.

Anita Merrill said...

Oooo, pretty!

nail crazy said...

<span>I love this colour and it looks good on you :-D </span>

Danielle said...

very pretty :) I am LOVING foils lately, this one is great!

thriszha said...

look so gorgeous on u..