Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fridge tag!

Tagged by the awesome and mighty Heather and the lovely and sweet Sasha .

The fascia of my fridge is naked-except for "dent" on the left side. The top, however, is pretty cool with 2 deer skulls, a skull mount and a vintage scale. The skulls and mount are my husbands- the scale is mine. I found it many years ago while renovating a very cool, Second Empire(?) house in Ocean City NJ. I loved that 3 story house with its huge pocketed doors and wonderful woodwork. My second husband and I were fixing and cleaning it before we put it on the market. Anyway, I found the scale in a strange cubby-hole in the detached Carriage House on the property.


Heather said...

Wow, your fridge is so clean! After I took my pic, I had to wipe that bad boy down because it was nasty!
I love that you have skulls on top of your fridge. It is so you and I'm actually envious that I don't have anything that cool in my kitchen.

iceomaticsnails (Liz) said...

Great scale!  I love your cabinets too.   :)

EvilAngel said...

I am in love with your cabinets!

ainos2 said...

Thanks Andrea!
You'll never believe this...I refaced my cabinets with roll-up bamboo window shades from Walmart. I cut them to size with a small ban saw(?), glued it to the recessed portion of the cabinet door and sealed it with acrylic satin.

ainos2 said...

Thanks Liz!

ainos2 said...

Aw, thank you Heather! I like using the unexpected in my decorating.