Thursday, December 17, 2009

I Don't Iguana This (Franken w/pics)

I wanna RBL No More War.
I missed the sale!!! Didn't I read *somewhere* that it was 5pm-10pm EST on Tuesday? I closed the restaurant early and rushed home only to be sorely disappointed.
I can well-afford $18 for a bottle of nail polish, however, unless it has flakies or super special glitter or something- I refuse to pay that much for a "plain" polish.
Anyway, I spent the rest of Tuesday night sulking, then getting angry with myself for being such a baby over something so silly.
I'm over it now, and all I can say for myself is that for a few hours, I forgot where I came from. There are much more important things in this world than a missed sale for nail polish. Which brings me to my Franken. I Don't Iguana This.( I know, I know...stupid name.) From the pictures below, it's pretty obvious where I was trying to go with it- dupe NMW. I worked with what I had, knowing full-well that I would not come as close as I had wanted. It's okay, though... I was going to be happy with any olive green I came up with. Once that was settled, I even added a bit of shimmer. :)
Although it is no NMW, I actually really like what I made. As I gave it a final shake before the last swatch, it came to me what my next mani would be -with my Franken as the base, of course. I'm actually sporting it right now, and I absolutely love it. There is a story behind it which means a lot to me. Pictures will have to wait for daylight. (I *hope* we have sun today in New Jersey.)
Pre-clean-up & no top-coat. And yes, that is a "picking" boo-boo you see on my middle finger. *Sigh* I really was doing so well...7 months no picking or gouging.                  


Trincess said...

Aww, sorry to hear that you missed the sale... It must be disappointing... But the franken you've came up is just gorgeous! You did a terrific job, I love it =)

EvilAngel said...

I love the color and can't wait to see what you've done with it!

Nicole said...

Dude, it may not be NMW, but it's cool as hell, and I love it. And now I can't wait to see what you've done with it and the story behind it! That's an awesome color.
I missed the sale too - and I pouted about it for a while. Oh well. It was just not meant to be!

Heather said...

Dude, this came out awesome! I love the name, BTW. I'm looking forward to what you will do next with it.

I missed the sale too but I knew I really couldn't swing it and buy some new work clothes. Oh well. Another time perhaps!

ainos2 said...

Thank you so much!

ainos2 said...

Thank you Nicole!

ainos2 said...

Thank you dear! I'm pretty psyched about what I've done with it..

ainos2 said...

There will be other sales :)
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

This is a really great franken!!  Sorry you missed the sale.

makeupgirl21 said...

That's really pretty close to NMW.  What a shame you missed the sale.  I'm so sorry you missed the time.  Your franken is really fantastic.  I love the color and your nails look amazing.