Monday, October 25, 2010

You gotta' see this!

Hey Kids, check this polish out!
If you're a fan of Mary's Blog, Body and Soul, you've seen this brand before here and here. Her sister purchased them last August for a surprising $1(each) at a flea market in South Carolina.

The awesome pictures Mary posted created an instant lemming for me. Honestly, I wasn't much interested in the polishes. What I really wanted were the stunning bottles! My favorite being the one that looks like a filigree cage.

I never thought these polishes/bottles would be mine, so imagine my surprise when I found them by accident at a local dollar store I never go to!
My favorite FCC #39;
The bottle is to die for and so is the color!  It's a 2 coater with a great brush.
I can't stress enough that you just *have* to click each and every one of these pictures to get the full effect of this awesome glowing polish. I feel like I *stole* this cheap-o at $1. Forgive my gushing excitement...I believe the last time I was *this* excited about a polish was when I traded my brand new, unopened teal flashing MPJ for the 3/4 full original holo MPJ at the last nail salon I was using.

Look at how this metallic glows! Now, I don't have MAC Bad Fairy, but from swatches and descriptions I've read, the duochrome properties of BF is soft and only visible under certain light conditions. My FCC #39 has a soft duochrome thing going on under certain lighting. I would not call it a dupe, however, it has totally killed my lemming for BF for's *that* gorgeous!!! Please enlarge all these pics to get the full effect of this polish.

Color without topcoat looks like a silvered red foil. Upon applying a topcoat it magically transforms into a molten, glowing red metallic with flashes of gold/orange and fuchsia. Just stunning!!! Please click to get a close-up of the difference. Bottom is a fakie without a TC.

Close-up of bottle color. The silver you see disappears after applying a topcoat.                                                                                                                               
 I <3 FCC #39 so much!!! I can't decide which is more beautiful, bottle or polish?
I also grabbed a filigree cages blackened red and the following;

I grabbed the above (FCC #65) thinking it was a glitter with flakies. Upon swatching, I realized that the goldish floaties were iridescent hex glitter- and not flakies. It's still pretty though.
I'm leaving right after posting this to grab some more. The almost empty FCC display had several different bottle types, one of which was kind of bullet shaped similar to a Cover Girl Lashblast mascara tube but smaller. That one was a dusty griege purple and I want!

Here's more FCC #39


Eli said...

 This is such a beautiful red and I love the polish bottle as well!

L said...

Wow those bottles are gorgeous but that polish is hot on you.

Halifax said...

Love the bottle, can't believe you got it for $1. These will be hot for swaps too. I want some :)

ange-marie said...

jesus joseph and mary that just gave me a heart palpitation.  man you scored BIG. those are fabulous

Megan Harmeyer said...

OMG Drooooooool!!!  I know you said it was from a dollar store, but which one?  That red just glows!

Evil Angel said...

*Dies* Want, neeeeeeeed! OMG the colors the bottle.....I must get oh and the blue glitter too! *runs around in circles*
Stop creating new lemmings woman! =-O

Trincess said...

this is such an awesome, drool-worthy polish =) and although the bottle looks tiny, it's 16 ml, bigger than a full-size opi! great find =) I'm always happy when I discover a true gem in the dusty bins =)))

Chaosbutterfly said...

Ummm this has to be the hottest red I have ever seen and those bottles are amazing. I'm so mad at you right now for unleashing this lemming. 
And red, of all colors. *goes to look for FCC*

nihrida said...

*gasps* This is freakin' HOT!!!

twister said...

WOW!!!! Amazing color and usually don't like reds at all. I so would love to find some of these. I love all the different bottle designs

Dolores said...

This polish rocks =), I'm in love<3 

makeupgirl21 said...

<span>That is stunning!!! What a glow that shows on your nails.  Looks gorgeous on you.</span>

Lois S. said...

Wow, amazing! Love it sooo much!

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