Tuesday, October 26, 2010

FCC polish haul!

Hi Kids!
After my last post, I put on a pair of boots, jumped in my car and drove a mile to the Dollar store that has the FCC polishes. For the Reader who asked...it's called Dollar One. The husband and wife owners are Eastern Indian and are super nice. The husband told me that they had already sold several displays of the FCC polishes and he forgot to order more. I mentioned that I would buy any polish in ornate bottles as long as they're not frosty. I'm sure he can't cherry pick colors for whole displays, however, I did tell him I'd be his best customer for brights and anything on the dark side...purples, greens, teals, oranges and anything glitter.

Anyway, I grabbed 10 more FCC polishes and a black and a blue by another unheard of brand QingYU. Now that I think of it, I should have purchased all the clear FCC polishes...my favorite polishes would look lovely decanted into those bottles, as would my favorite frankens. Dang!

Double dang! I just remembered I purchased a Bingo scratch-off lottery card I have yet to touch!
Here's my Dollar store haul... all $12.36 of it. (My county is in the 3% tax zone)
I set-up my haul display with Halloween in mind.
2 light sources;

The red on the left is a true jelly...whoo hoo!

Oh yeh...I've been meaning to post this question for a month. NJ is in the midst of a Stink Bug plague...they're everywhwere...I can't sleep at night for the helicopter noise they make when all is quiet and they're a flying.
I call them stink bug because when they're crushed, they stink. Little did I know. scientidtd snd entomologists use stinkbugs as they're common name!

Anyone else have a stink bug outbreak?
Here's what the critter looks like;
Ewww...creepy red eyes!


ericasolberg said...

Is the gold on those bottles plastic or metal? They are lovely.

Tempera said...

Nice haul, love the bottles. No stink bugs here in Seattle that I know of. I use to live in Belvidere guess I should be happy I no longer am. I do miss the Fall colors of the leaves though.

Kanji said...

I honestly love 1 € or $ polishes. They are really worthy!  :D And those are beautiful. The bottle is super classic and elegant. Gotta love them! ;)  I'm having here, in Portugal, a mosquitos plague. I've been lacking sleep because of the little buggers. And not just because of the sound but also because of the "bite". It itches so much that hurts and I wake up due to that! In two nights I had 7 bites (for winter it is very very uncommon!).... I need some sleep!

ainos2 said...

Oh Dear- mosquitos are carriers of several diseases! My body reacts to stinging insects by producing giant welts. And by giant- I mean the size of oranges. When I work outside, I gather lots of marygold flowers, crush them up and rub them on my arms and clothes...seems to keep the stinging insects away.

Eli said...

nice haul and that bug is so weird

ainos2 said...

The filigree cage is plastic and is in 3 parts. The brush handle, the topper of the bottle and the bottom.
I will be gluing the topper and the bottom so they stay in 1 piece. Several times the topper came off and was connected to the brush handle making polishing a nightmare.

Kimberly Purcell said...

You are a riot!  You show us all those pretty bottles then show a stink bug at the end.  ;)

Is the polish as nice as the incredibly gorgeous bottles?

ange-marie said...

omg we have stink bugs EVERYWHERE here. its an invasion!  myboys call  them "farting bugs" >.< your haul looks awesome can't wait to see swatches

ainos2 said...

Hi Kim! Thanks for commenting. The polishes are exceptionally good. They're definitely much better than Sinful Colors for sure. I've swatched my haul on fake nails and they apply beautifully due to a great brush. Formula wise, I'd say they are on par with (the very overpriced Sally Hansen Salons), Color Club and China Glaze...and all other moderately priced lacquers.
The red (FCC #39) I have on from my previous post is wearing like iron. Truthfully, that one is on par if not better than the likes of OPI.
Oh, and the white is streak free at 1 coat. I swatched that one on a fake nail that was already sporting a dark blue.

The only thing I did not encounter is the chemical smell Mary posted about in her review. Perhaps my batch is B3F...dunno.

makeupgirl21 said...

<span>Those are some cute polish bottles.  Hope the polish is decent.  So far I haven't seen those bugs.  Ick!</span>

Kanji said...

I must try that! ;)  Thanks for sharing :)  Now now... waiting for swatches ^__^

twister said...

WOW, great haul. Can't wait to see more swatches

Megan Harmeyer said...

Great haul!! *jealous*  Those bottles are awesome.  We don't get many stink bugs here, but we have had a lot of wolf spiders.  ICK!

Chaosbutterfly said...

Ahh I'm so jealous of your haul. That purple one on the side is looking especially delicious. 

And that bug is disgusting...look at it staring. *shudders* I hate bugs. 

Nikki said...

You're making me really happy that I moved from NJ to CA. As I told my family, please do not send them my way.

kelaltieri said...

You're in NJ??  ME TOO!!  Bergen County (a few towns over from Caroline Manzo, if you watch Real Housewives :) )  Where are you from?  If you don't want to disclose it publicly, shoot me an email.  kelliealtieri@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

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