Saturday, October 30, 2010

NOTD Avon Lagoon

Hey Kids!
All I have time for today is my NOTD. Avon Lagoon.

When my avon rep, Chelsea, brought my Bag of Goodies into the restaurant, our plumber, Chris was sitting next to me at the counter. Being the he-man type, he was not into to all the pretty colors being un-boxed until he caught sight of Lagoon, a slightly brushstroke-y almost frost, periwinkle blue with a royal blue flash . He said that in the automotive industry, Lagoon would be considered to be a "flip flop" paint color. Since he was so fascinated by Lagoon, I decided it would be my NOTD.

Being quite thin and runny, I used 3 coats. I think a 4th coat applied with a very light touch would have helped eliminate brushstrokes. I am not crazy about brushstrokes, but this one does not look too bad. Although Lagoon looks better on the color swatch in the Avon book, it has grown on me. Flash polishes always do me in, and this one certainly looks pretty with its glowing blue.
(My apostrophe is screwing up my posts...wth?)
Anyway, as always, pictures are clickable. All these were taken after a days wear, and under halogen lighting in my bathroom...


Eli said...

I usually check out the Avon colors online before ordering. I would have missed out on Golden Twilight which is an awesome color.
This is also very beautiful! And it looks nice on your skin tone!

L said...

Wow this one is really pretty on you.

Anonymous said...

Lagoon was one of the first Avon polishes I bought.  It came in their old square bottle with nothing on it other than the sticker on the bottom.  Pretty pretty blue :)

makeupgirl21 said...

That's a really pretty blue.  I don't see any brushstrokes.  I haven't used Avon polish in many years.  They really have some nice shades now. :)

Iris said...

This is an awesome blue, actually matches your haircolor on your pic to the right lol! Hope to be able to obtain some Avon myself someday :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks :)
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