Thursday, August 26, 2010

Orly Galaxy Girl- drying problems-review

Hi Kids!
The only polish I wanted from Orly Cosmic FX collection was Space Cadet. After seeing the numerous Blog swatches and one Blogger comparing Galaxy Girl to Vanishing Venus, I ended up buying 2 bottles (of each).
I'm really hoping Galaxy Girl lasts through my work shift tonight, because I have an art idea planned.
I say that because my 3 coat mani- 18 hours after application- has not cured.

Out of all the brands of nail polish I have, Orly has always been a consistent good performer, and has never failed me. That said, I'm really disappointed with Galaxy Girl. I applied 3 thin coats at 6pm last night, went to bed at 3am, and woke up to deep hair marks on my right middle and thumb nails, a nail ding on my right ring and a scrape on the outer middle nail. My mani is now 18 hours old and it still feels "soft" when I lightly scrape a nail over it. I did not apply a top coat to this mani because it would interfere with the blending that will be involved with my art idea.

This is not my "thing", reviewing a nail polish. My fellow nail Bloggers do it so expertly, I feel there is never anything to add...except for this one.
Galaxy Girl is a very dark burnt raspberry, but indoors, it looks almost black and the turquoise flashing purple mineral shimmer looks silver. Galaxy Girl looks best in bright, indirect light, making it the type of polish that to everyone else but the wearer, just another dark, shimmering vampy.

Being a vampy lover, I don't dislike Galaxy Girl. I am, however, disappointed that it looks more interesting in the bottle and in pictures than it does irl. I expected this color to be WOW, but it fell very short. More than that, I am extremely disappointed in the non drying formula.

Here are my pictures- under different lighting- looking much nicer than what I see on my nails irl.
Full sun;

Bright indirect;

Dappled sun;

Right hand, non drying issues;
Hair marks on middle nail. 

Major scrape...woke up to ring finger nail stuck to middle nail- 17 hours after application.

The bottle I bought as a back-up (because I thought this color would be wonderful) is now labeled and destined for my frankening drawer.

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makeupgirl21 said...

What a shame.  I look forward to your nail art.  I'm going to skip this one.  I like the look of it better in the bottle.  I have too many polishes that look black.  I want that deep raspberry to show up on my nails.