Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My old reluable, OPI DS Passion

Hi Kids!
Wow! Super busy at the restaurant over the weekend! Thankfully, my boss (the primary owner) will be back from his 5 week vacation to Greece on Thursday. I'll be glad to send the secondary owner packing and get back to having Monday as my RDO. I always feel like I've been run over by a truck after busy weekends, and having to work 2 more days until a day off totally sucks.

In an effort to pick up my spirits, I chose to wear my old reliable; OPI DS Passion. Prior to this, my mani was Nfu-Oh #50 layered over Brucci Blue Sapphire. I've come to the conclusion that I do not like flakies on my tips, but love them on my toes.
Anyway...DS Passion is the polish I reach for when I desperately need a fill, maintenance, or a pick-me-up. The mauve base matches my ruddy tones, making it a semi neutral on me. Because the color and soft, linear holo elongates my fingers and nails, it never fails to make me feel I have something very pretty on.


Current pedi- Nfu-Oh #50 over Brucci Blue Sapphire. Don't judge- no maintenence here what-so-ever, AND I've just been on my feet for 16 hours...

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Jackie S. said...

This pedicure looks like the "bluer" cousin to "Across the universe".. :)