Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fairey Bomb Glitter franken

Hi Kids!
Being the busiest month of the year, August business at the restaurant sucks the life right out of me. Business is booming this year too, in spite of the economy- or rather because of it. People can't afford big vacations and are opting for southern New Jersey shore points. All those coming from north and north-west of the center line of the state, drive right by the restaurant. It's been crazy busy!
Once September rolls in, kids go back to school, trips to the beach will be weekends only. Just a few more weeks to go until I can get back to posting (at least) 1 layered fauxnad a week. Yay! I know that's what you're all here!

In the mean time, instead of going on hiatus or disappearing, I'll be bringing you frankens, simple stamping and some NOTDs.
Speaking of frankens...I've been making a lot of them lately! Mixing polish, pigments and glitter is exciting and relaxing at the same time. I've made over 24 so far- half, of which, are for stamping.
Anyway, today's franken, Fairey Bomb Glitter, is not a true franken... It's Freshcover Pinky Lacquer- made better.  Pinky Lacquer is a pretty, sheer pink polish with iridescent glitter. I really loved that this polish had iridescent gold glitter(like OPI Pink Me I'm Good) in addition to multi colored iridescent.The original is long gone.... I frankened this a month after I purchased it- a year ago.  If memory serves me correct- the glitter particles were one size, and I added smaller iridescent gold, multi iridescent and holo dust to make this pretty layering polish more dimensional. Go figure- my awesome glitter bomb mani is wasted...after a 3 week drought- I woke up to a gray sky and rain.
I feel so bummed...I wanted to post something special. Irl, the holo dust looks to be floating on top of the nail tentatively-as if you could blow it off. It is wall-to-wall glitter, and so not the weak coverage pictures show.

 Mani is 1 coat Fairey Glitter Bomb over 2 coats Ruby Kisses Pink Hot Pants (another perfect polish from RK!!!).


Emybloom said...

I know what you mean when the sun goes in, but I really think it looks delicious regardless :)

Michelle said...

Wow! I'm absolutely NOT a pink person but I'd wear this pretty with pleasure.

ThRiSzHa said...

love this franken and i love the franken polish u gave to me.. ur a franken queen!!