Monday, March 29, 2010

Giveaway closed!!!

Hi Kids!
Wow! It's here already...the deadline for entering my Giveaway.
I think it's awesome that my Giveaway generated some new Followers, however, I am more than disappointed that more of my "long-time/before giveaway" Followers did not enter. This was truly for "you"!!! 

The reason why I, personally, don't enter Giveaways is -  I'd forget about my entry, and since I very rarely "open" Blogs with Giveaway results & have a backlog of email to go through (lack of time), I'd never know if I won! 

Anyway! The winners of my Giveaway will be announced (tentatively), Tuesday, late in the evening. If you have forgotten, each entry is eligible for all 8 packages. All winning entries are put back in the "pot" and are eligible to win multiple times!

Good luck!!!!


nihrida said...

Can't wait... =)

Evil Angel said...

So exciting! :-D

~Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard said...

I did comment and I don't see it, but it was there when I did...perhaps your comments are broken?

ainos2 said...

Hi Elizabeth! Comments aren't broken. For some reason JS Kit only shows the last few. The rest are visible by ticking "comments for this post" just under the text box.

painted Lady fingers said...

If you ever want to enter one of my giveaways, I promise to track you down if you win. You deserve all good things.  :*

I am so excited to see the winners selected. 

~Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard said...

oh, thanks, should have checked this before I posted my last comment. LOL Sorry!

Elizabeth said...

Do you have to approve them before they show? cuz I still don't see mine...I've been using Google Chrome for a browser, this time I'm using IE to see if there's a difference.