Monday, March 22, 2010

Claire's Mood Polish in Happy/Earthy, teeny haul

Hi Kids!

Edit! WARNING!!!! Claire's Happy/Earthy STAINS like no other polish I've ever tried! Those with natural nails- use this polish at your own risk- take basecoat precaution! 
It's been a crazy busy week at the restaurant, so I've had no time for nail art. Once I get acclimated to our "busy season", posts will resume on a more scheduled basis.
If all goes as planned today, I'll be able to bring you 2 faunadicures this week. I have 2 days off! Consecutive at that! The "price" I have to pay for this "treat" is doing an 18 hour day on Thursday.

Anyway, today I am going to bring you the mani I've been sporting for 3 days- Claire's Mood Polish in Happy/Earthy, a bright, almost neon green(s). Before I show you pictures, I have to say... I am so glad  I picked up back-ups for some of these!!! I have a feeling that I'm going to love the purple, bright pink and the teal versions as much as this green.
The novelty and coolness of Happy/Earthy puts it in my top 20 favorites....Even with its suck-y formula, lousy brush, too small handle and  gloopy, streaky appplication.

Unlike the reviews I've read thus far, this polish stayed gradient greens on my nails all day. My stellar, top 20  result, has more to do with my having acrylic nails rather than the good batch/bad batch scenario.
It's a shame that my camera did not pick up all the distinctive shades of green in this mani. If you look close at the cuticle, you can catch a hint of what this polish starts out as at the base of my nails...a very bright yellow green, then, working up the nail to the free edge, it gradiently changes to a very pigmented dark, grass green. My pictures only bring out 2 shades, however, I assure you- on my acrylics, it's an awesome party of transitioning greens!!!

If I had the time, I could have rocked this mani even more if I had done some fauxnading. As it is today, it's pretty much beat up and sadly, has to go. I had a lot of fun wearing this color, though. Both my outfits for Saturday and Sunday had shots of neon green incorporated into them.
Yea...this is way cool in my book.
 Dozens of  customers admired my "paint job" over the weekend, asking me who did the awesome airbrush work!

While running errands to day, I spotted the new scented Revlon polishes, Borghese pastels & pastel Maybellines at Rite-Aid. I only picked up Revlon, Ocean Breeze and Grape Icy, Maybelline, Pie In The Sky. The green Ruby Kisses I purchased at a BS- 3 of them for frankening purposes.

I tested both Revlons for scent...Ocean Breeze smells like deodorant soap and Grape Icy smells like grape gum.


pwrlftrchick said...


SOOO glad you showed this!

I was in claire's theother day and didn't get them cause I I was afraid it wouldnt show up well on acrylics.


Jessica said...

Looks great! So are you telling me I need to go back to Claires and get back ups?

painted Lady fingers said...

I  didn't realize the new Revlon polishes are scented. I am a goner. I'll need them all!  :-$

The effect of the mood polish really does look like airbrushing or a quality sponge application. Gorgeous! I have to try these.  

Evil Angel said...

I love how the mood polish is so bright on your nails, it looks wicked!
I want those scented polishes!!!! I'm stalking Walgreen for them. :-D

nihrida said...

WOW! O.o

PolishSis said...

Wow... I have seen swatches of this before, but yours are just..WOWWW =-O

Trincess said...

This looks so amazing on you =) For some reason I haven't got any updates from you in my blogroll, but now I'm seeing them all - and this one & the one below is just amazing! I hate that only my IE shows the Echo, and I avoid IE as much as I can! =/

ainos2 said...

I hope you get back to this comment...I am editing this post in regards to the tremendous staining I got with this green.
I tried to buff it out, but the staining goes very deep.

I'll have to grind this out with my next fill.

makeupgirl21 said...

I love the Revlon polishes.  I didn't know that there were new scented Revlons.  I really like Revlons formula.  Your nails look fantastic! I can see the two shades.  I'd be pissed not to be able to see the different shades.  For me it would be a waste.  That's one of the good things about acrylics.

Arrianne said...

Gah, why don't I have these yet!

lilynail said...

<span>i love this mood polish !!! i need it :)  but not avaible in france :( </span>

lilynail said...

<span>if someone want swap or sell me contact me please !!</span>