Thursday, July 23, 2009

review Urban Decay 24/7 & Make Up Forever Khol

I tried both Urban Decay 24/7 and MUFE Khol (black pencils) yesterday- both as a lid liner and waterliner.
And- before I say anything, there is something that needs to be said about me.
I am an Ancient Goth- aka- first generation Goth/Deathrocker. 35 years and still going strong.
My "blacks" are serious business. Without them, I am exposed-naked.

My HG black pencil has been Almay eyeliner crayon contour in #1 black/noir. It's a retractable pencil that goes on smooth, slightly wet and "sets up within a few seconds. It's black-black, and wears all day on my lid, and about 6 hours on my waterline. It's the best black crayon liner around....and it's only $7.99!

So, getting back to UD 24/7 and MUFE Khol....

UD 24/7 went on soft and smooth, but it's not black-black. There is a sheerness/pearl to it that I did not like. Within an hour it totally disappeared from my waterline.

MUFE Khol went on a bit harder, with some major pull on my lids. It's not black-black by a longshot, but better pigmented than UD 24/7. This pencil all but disappeared from my waterline within an hour as well.

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Lucy said...

I don't own any MUFE pencils but I do have Urban Decay. I love a really nice pitch black liner. I also use liquid liner. I have to try them and see which one is really black. Have you tried the liquid liners?