Thursday, July 9, 2009

On eye primers & an experiment!

Using an eye primer is very new to me. Up until 3 months ago, before I switched to minerals, I used my foundation as my eye primer.

I currently have 3 eye primers;
Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Urban Decay Potion & Aromaleigh Eye Primer.
Both TF and UD make my eyes water for hours if I get them in my eyes.
As for AL, while I love the end result, it's really thick and has terrible drag when I apply it to my crepey eyes.

Yesterday, I decided to play Mad Scientist, and doctor up AL Eye Primer.
I now have 2 different primer concoctions.
#1- AL EP mixed with MAC Face and Body Mixing Medium
#2- AL EP mixed with MAC F&B MM, ID Velvet( a silicone based personal libricant), and a bit of my mineral base.

Yesterday, I tried concoction #1. It worked so well, I'm not sure if I need to try #2! I think the only improvement I could make is to purchase AL Primer in medium.
Concoction #1 went on smoothly, minerals went on very well and true to color, and o tearing when some got in my eye.

I took my experiment one step further and did not remove my em last night. This is something I do from time to time, with the same result- my pillow- it's the Shroud of Turin.
Anyway, when I woke up this morning, not only was my pillow clean, my em was fully intact! No creasing, no smudging, no muddy colors!

So, now I have my hg eye primer!

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Lucy said...

That's great that you made this concoction. I used Laura Geller's eye primer and lip primer. It came in a litle compact with the both of them. The eye primer does crease but once I get my makeup on it's fine. I have slept a few times in my makeup but it didn't stay on. I have samples of Urban Decay and Too Faced. I haven't really used them. I have problems at certain times with watering eyes. Allergies! Funny about your pillow case!