Thursday, November 4, 2010

Avon Olive Green

Hi Kids!
I'm back with another Avon Nailwear Pro. Since Olive Green was my biggest color disappointment in my Avon haul, I was just going to put it up on my "greens" shelf, untried. When my Blog buddy, Sasha from Nihrida, left a comment on my Avon haul post, showing an interest in this one, I changed my mind.

Anyway, Olive Green is a blue leaning, drab green, creme. It's too blue to be called olive or an army green.. As I worked the register last night, it dawned on me where I had seen this color before...Avon Olive Green is the exact shade of green found on US paper money.

The formula of Olive Green skins over very quickly, and it's on the thick side. Because it's very pigmented, and on the thick side, this polish would make a perfect 1 coat mani for those with short nails. I, however,  got a lot of drag ridges, (almost every nail), applying the first coat. For long nail gals like me, add thinner ( I did 13 drops).  It did wonders for the consistency, and I was able to get the second coat to level out/fill in the ridges of my first coat quite nicely.
Something worth mentioning...I had to shake my bottle of Olive Green- a lot. The pigments in this polish separate something terrible, and are very visible not only from outside the bottle as marbling, but on the brush as well in long blue and yellow streaks. I shook my bottle vigorously every couple of nails and did not get a single bubble.

I color categorize Avon Olive Green in the very popular, color tone of the season... with all those greyed out, tauped out, smoked out colors and greiges. I lump all those polishes in what I call Grunge. The mood of those types of colors remind me of the Grunge music movement of the 90s... Organic, distorted, toned down, dirty and a little depressing .
I'm betting that 10 to 20 years from now the Grunge color fad of the present will be seen not chic- but  depressing, as noted above. I truly believe that the colors in fashion are a reflection of the over-all mood of people in industrialized countries, just like all the brights, patterns, must have vivid eyes, cheeks and lips, over-sized shoulders & accessories, and bling on bling of the 80s were the reflection of the excesses of that decade. I don't believe that Grunge colors will get as big as what happened in fashion during the 80s- no, nothing will ever top that.

Good grief, I'm rattling on and on!
I'm a bit nervous about some Ultrasound  results, and it's showing.

Avon Olive Green mani- 2 coats, 1 coat Seche;



twister said...

I really like this color. Very pretty

Chaosbutterfly said...

You know, I really love this color. I think it's hot!

But what you wrote about how these earthy colors are a reflection of the times was a really awesome insight. You're such a smart lady.
I hope the ultrasound results are what you're hoping for!

Deez Nailz ~ where the CANADIAN Bloggers at ? said...

My olive green seperated as well....I agree about the 80's and I don't mind when you go on and on.

ange-marie said...

oh my lord thats pretty! looks like diddy mow!

AmyGrace said...

It's a gorgeous colour! I think you may be right about this type of colours and the prevailing mood at the moment. I like reading analysis like these!

Akuma Kanji said...

And now, will you give this polish a second chance? ;) I think it's a nice neutral colour ^__^ good on a rainy and comfy at home day :)

Gwen Wijman said...

Pretty polish! I think it will be great as a base for konad. Maybe with lizzards and other animals?

makeupgirl21 said...

<span>Your so right, it does match the green on a dollar bill! Love that shade of green.  I'll have to order these sometime. 8-) </span>

nihrida said...

Well, I think it's gorgeous. Too bad about the separating pigments... But it looks great on you. =)

nail crazy said...

<span>Wow, this a really great colour :-D </span>

ThRiSzHa said...

i love this color.. im always lemming for military colors or any olive green u have any idea on how to franken olive green polish??

Thess said...

Oh wow! Very very very nice colour! :)