Monday, November 15, 2010

3 NOTDs, Color Zone, BB Couture and Risk

Hi Kids!
We were super busy at the restaurant every day last week....thank goodness it's finally over!
No rest for the weary, though. I woke up early today to get a good start on sorting summer and non fitting clothes from my closet and bureau. I have 8 loads of laundry to tackle! I also have an awesome jewelry and belt organizing idea I'd like to get to today as well. That may be biting off more than I can chew on my only day off, especially since  my sanity is in dire straights right now and would benefit some serious attention via nail art.
Lolly-gagging - certainly not an option today if I want to get anything done...

My current mani is 3 coats of a hot pink pearl from a trio of colors by Color Zone. Unfortunately, I threw out the packaging, (and all the information it contained), shortly after I purchased the set in August 2009. The hot purple from that set turned out to be very pigmented, and is my "go to" purple stamping polish. 
I'm happy I chose to wear this pretty, pearly hot pink. Even though it's a bit streaky, it turned out to be the perfect color for the weather today- overcast and dreary. If this mani survives my wardrobe organization, you'll get to see some nail art on it tomorrow.
Oh yea...lookit how short my nails are! I removed a lot of acrylic with my last fill and filed the tips to the length of my natural nails.

Saturday's mani...3 coats BB Couture Peony Pink. The formula on this really sucked. It was thin, runny, very hard to control, and the blue flash from the bottle- totally invisible on the nail. I tried to save this mani with Dazzling, a very delicate, iridescent glitter, top coat from Love My Nails to no avail. This looked terrible on me.

Next, mani from last Tuesday. 3 coats Midnight Cruise, a pretty blue shimmer from Risk. Formula was wonderful on this one and it dried fairly quick. Midnight Cruise is one in a set of 4 polishes purchased at Ross. After a couple of days, I added 1 coat of China Glaze Shooting Stars.


makeupgirl21 said...

Like all three polishes.  Funny about the BB Couture.  They are usually fantastic with their formula.  Gorgeous shades though.

Mary Ann Mailhot said...

Love the blue. 

Mia said...

They're all very pretty! Love all 3! :D


Eli said...

love this pink!
And the glitter in the last one is to die for

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